Oasis Parcs is the new rental organization of luxurious holiday homes and other premium accommodations at extraordinary locations. At this moment, we operate three resorts, located in Europe and Curacao. As a result from the identified gap of premium holiday homes resorts, professionals with years of experience in the leisure-industry founded Oasis Parcs in 2013. We at Oasis Parcs are here for you, the traveler who is looking for good quality and a personalized service that will guarantee a memorable holiday. Familiar, though special!

Our team consists of experienced experts and ‘young’ specialists who work on various activities together, with a fresh perspective. We are a young organization with a flat structure. In this way, we can offer you a direct and personalized service.

Oasis Parcs offers (like no other) the perfect combination of location, natural environment, space, luxurious accommodations and individual service, which results in a unique experience. Travelling with your family, friends or individually, it is possible with Oasis Parcs! Below you can read further about the characteristics of Oasis Parcs.

Oasis Parcs holiday homes: spacious, luxury and VIP-service

As a guest, you will experience a different lifestyle during your stay in a highly comfortable Oasis Parcs Holiday Home, which is: fully equipped and surrounded by natural planting on large grounds (400-900m2). Each spacious resort offers a distinctive experience within an attractive tourism area with breath-taking scenery, historical sights and vibrant towns. A variety of interiors are offered per accommodation, though all offer the same premium quality. The central facilities are exclusively developed to make your glorious holiday a memorable one. The restaurants offer high-quality food and beverages and personalized service is what we aim for: no standards but requirements in order to exceed expectations and to deliver a premium service.

With Oasis Parcs, you have several choices in types of accommodation:

  • Comfort
  • DeLuxe
  • VIP
  • Super VIP

Luxurious facilities

There are central facilities available on all our Oasis Parcs resort, like a reception and restaurant. In the restaurant you can enjoy a lovely meal with a good glass of wine. Besides these central facilities, each resort has other unique facilities. Furthermore, there are several activities that can be undertaken in and around the resort. For more information about the facilities and activities on the resort, please visit the page ‘Our Resorts’ and then select the resort you prefer.

Oasis Parcs resorts

Oasis Parcs offers 3 different resort where we would like to welcome you:

Contact details office

Postal address:
Catharijnesingel 55A
3511 GD Utrecht
The Netherlands

Extra information:
Phone: 044 (0) 845-5089623
E-mail: info@oasisparcs.com
Chamber of commerce: 61436143
VAT: NL854340427B01

Bank information:
Holiday Homes Rental B.V.
IBAN: NL29 RABO 0191 9828 06

About Oasis Parcs
About Oasis Parcs
About Oasis Parcs
About Oasis Parcs
About Oasis Parcs