Sushi service Oasis Punt-West

Asian Bites are a concept on the menu of Brasserie Zeven. Our experienced sushi chefs work daily to create the freshest and most flavorful creations. Lovers of sushi will not escape during a stay at Oasis Punt-West. At our Brasserie you can enjoy sushi rolls, varied sushi platters or a delicious poké bowl. You can order the sushi service at the reception or online at Brasserie Zeven.

Home made sushi & poké bowls

The sushi is freshly prepared for you daily in the Japanese way. The sushi rolls come in different flavors with a choice of various types of fish and meat. There is also a vegetarian option for the sushi. Poké bowls are also very trendy, have you tried them yet? Poké bowls are also very trendy, have you tried them? In a poké bowl you will find the same ingredients as in a sushi roll but it is in a bowl. You have the choice of poké bowl chicken, vegetarian or tuna. 

  1. Sushi rolls
  2. Sushi bowls
  3. Poké bowls

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