Water sports at Oasis Punt-West

The surroundings of Oasis Punt-West are perfect for practicing various water sports. Would you like to go windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, supping or sailing during your stay? It's all possible. In front of our resort you will find the Grevelingenmeer, where you can go windsurfing, suppen and sailing. On the other side of the "Dam" you will find the Brouwersdam with its well-known North Sea beach. This is the perfect place for kitesurfers and golf surfers. 

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Have you always wanted to take a surfing or kiting lesson? In the surrounding of Oasis Punt-West you will find several surf and kite schools where you can learn to surf or kite under the guidance of professionals. There are also other fun activities possible such as Blokarting, Beach Yoga and Powerkiting. 

Watersporten bij Oasis Punt-West

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